Supported Platforms


All these instructions have been tested in GNU/Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Matlab v7.1, although the software should work on other platforms and Matlab versions. The code have been also tested to work on Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh systems, once the required Matlab libraries were installed.

Software requirements

SALEM-LS is used as SPM extension. Therefore, it requires a working installation of SPM. Documentation to install the latest version of SPM can be found in author's documentation section.

Apart from that, SALEM-LS does not require any other external library. To run the software, simply add the SLS folder into the Matlab path.

Known issues:

  • Data formats. All tests have been run using the .nii (NIFTI) format. If you need to perform conversions from other formats to NIFTI, you might want to use conversion tools from neuro-debian on GNU/Limux Debian based systems, or FSL and MINC tools on GNU/Linux and Macintosh systems.
  • Pre-processing. The pre-processing of the data is not included in the toolbox. We recommend to follow strictly the following pipeline to maximize the performance of the tool: skull stripping, denoising, bias correction, and registration to MNI space.

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