Installing SLS toolbox

The SLS toolbox has been implemented as a SPM external library. Installing SLS toolbox into the SPM environment is straightforward. Download the toolbox, and extract it into a folder. These are the required steps to run SLS inside the SPM bundle.

  • On SPM, all external libraries are installed into the toolbox folder. This folder is located inside the main SPM directory. Just find where SPM8 was installed and open the toolbox folder.

  • Download the toolbox, and extract it into the spm/toolbox folder.
  • Open MATLAB as usual, and type spm in the command-prompt.
  • This will open the main SPM8 menu. Hence, on the Toolbox list, select the SLStoolbox.

  • The SPM batch editor will be opened containing the SLStoolbox program.

Using SLS toolbox

  • The program requires two input images:
    • A T1-w image.
    • A FLAIR image.

  • The resulted lesion-filled image will be saved in the same directory of the input T1-w image.
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