Supported Platforms


All these instructions have been compiled and tested in ubuntu 10.04, 11.04 and 12.04, most methods should be adaptable to other platforms. In order to do this, the code provided includes cmakelists files that can be used by the cmake cross platform compilation tool. As for the code provided by external authors, platform dependent instructions should be found in the references mentioned.

Software requirements

In order to compile some of the code included, you should have a working itk installation. Detailed installation instructions for windows and linux can be found at the following pdf. In order to install itk, you will also need to install cmake

Known issues:

  • The code provided has been compiled with Itk , preliminary tests have also been carried out with itk 4.
  • For some reason, the cxx compiler g++ is not installed by default in some ubuntu distributions. Fix this with : sudo apt-get install g++
  • Also itk needs the uuid tool but does not say so, you can install it from the ubuntu software center , then you will also need the development files so you also have to run: sudo apt-get install uuid-dev
  • When configuring itk with cmake (after having made the binary directory as stated in the instructions above), you need to set two flags (press "t" to see the flags and set ITK_USE_OPTIMIZED_REGISTRATION and ITK_USE_REVIEW to ON.
  • Data formats. All tests have been run usingn the .nii (NIFTI) format. If you need to perform conversions from nifty, you might want to use the " the dcm2nii" tool (can be found in the ubuntu software centre).

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