Itk Based methods

These methods are basically part of the insight toolkit and have been mostly adapted from the examples there. They can be compiled usign the cmakelist.txt file included and executed using the scripts provided in the software tab. These methods are:

  • Rigid
  • Affine (and the combination Rigid + Affine)
  • B-Splines
  • Demons
  • Diffeomorphic demons, as downloaded from

Basically in this case you need to compile the code. Call ccmake . in the directory where the code is and just set the itk dir variable to its correct value (details for this can be found in ITK's installation guide under “using ITK from an external project”.

External code

The code in this section is provided by its respective authors and all we do here is provide some pointers to make it easier to access it. The links to the dowload webpages are found in "useful resources".

Nifty reg

Bsplines based, with the possibility of hardware acceleration in CUDA for faster computation (not used in the scripts). You should check the installation manual and also the help installation provided by Marc Modat. Please notice how (as stated in the final part of the instructions) you have to modify your .bashrc file in order for the code to find nifty.


Symetric diffeomorphisms. One of the methods obtaining best results. Detailed instructions on compilation, other resources and examples can also be found in the same webpage.


The only method included in the study not purely based on pixel intensity paper link. Word of advice in the download. When I downloaded it, the form in the authors page did not work so well and it took me quite a lot of tries to get the code. Seems to have been fixed afterwards. The manual.


For this method we could only get binaries. B-Splines based.


Part of the NITRC project.


This matlab-based software package includes two methods used in the study, SPM DARTEL and SPM HDW. The documentation is found here. Also be aware that this software has a very active dicussion list where it is possible to get very good support.

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