CCCI 2020 Registration [Virtual Conference]

These are the available registration options. Authors can only register on-line with two payment options: credit card and bank wire (through EDAS). Registrations cover: Access to all technical sessions and keynote speeches, e-program and e-proceedings online.

Please read CANCELLATION POLICY below first before you pay for the registration.

CCCI 2020 Registration [Virtual Conference] IEEE Member2 Non-member2
Author Registration (for Student or Non-Student until October 1, 20201) €360 €460
Extra Page Charge (for each page beyond 5 pages/paper) €60 €60
  • All attendees at CCCI 2020 should make the registration. To be published in the CCCI 2020 Conference Proceedings and to be eligible for publication in IEEE Xplore, at least one author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference at the FULL (member or non-member) registration rate.
  • One Full Registration covers a maximum of 2 papers (each paper up to 5 pages) but it must be under the same 'Registrant' and the Non-refundable registration fees must be paid by October 1, 2020.
  • Author Refunds: Authors who have registered their accepted paper are not eligible for refund if decided to withdraw their paper

1 Until/from 12am (midnight) EST

2 IEEE members must keep updated their society memberships in EDAS.

How to register for CCCI 2020

  1. Go to the CCCI 2020 Registration at EDAS (sign in or, if you do not have an EDAS account, sign up)
    • Members of IEEE must keep updated their society memberships in EDAS (check the "update your society memberships" link) in order to register with reduced charges
    • Please specify your dietary constraints or special needs in "My Profile"
  2. Click 'Icon' of Payment by Credit Cards or Bank Wire
  3. Enter necessary card details as well as VAT numbers or other details for your invoice; then click the button of 'PAY'
    • For Bank Wire, it takes a while for the EDAS system to update your payment status (Important Reminder: please pay 'All Bank's Charges If Any are To Be Born' by yourself!)
  4. Any problem occurs in EDAS, please Click 'Request help' (on the bottom line of the page) and EDAS staff will reply to you ASAP.