Honorary Chair

Mohammad S. Obaidat
Monmouth Univ., NJ, USA

General Chair

Pere Vilŕ
Univ. of Girona, Spain

Program Chairs

Isaac Woungang
Ryerson Univ., Canada

Mario Marchese
Univ. of Genoa, Italy

Floriano De Rango
Univ. of Calabria, Italy

Tutorials and Special Session Chair

Sanjay K. Dhurandher
Univ. of Delhi, India

Publicity Chairs

Essia Hamouda
Univ. of California, Riverside, USA

Lei Shu
Osaka Univ., Japan

Local Arrangement Chair

Abdolreza (Abdy) Abhari
Ryerson Univ., Canada

Publication Chair

Jose Saldana
Univ. of Zaragoza, Spain


Antonio Bueno
Univ. of Girona, Spain

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SPECTS 2013 Program

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SPECTS is part of The Summer Simulation Multi-Conference (SummerSim). The full SummerSim'13 program (PDF, 1.78 MiB) is also available. Please note that SPECTS registration gives you access to all SummerSim activities.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Single Track

Opening Session and Keynote Speech

Room: N/A
Keynote 1 (Plenary)
Keynote Speaker: Azam Khan (Autodesk Inc)

Session 1: Software and Simulation Tools

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Enrique Rodríguez-Colina
An Automated Tool Selection Method based on Model Transformation: OPNET and NS-3 Case Study
Iyas Alloush, Yvon Kermarrec and Siegfried Rouvrais
Architecture-based Software Reliability with Error Propagation and Recovery
Lance Fiondella and Swapna Gokhale
ns-3 Module for Routing and Congestion Control Studies in Mobile Opportunistic DTNs
Jani Lakkakorpi and Philip Ginzboorg
LgDb 2.0: Using Lguest for Kernel Profiling, Code Coverage and Simulation
Eviatar Khen, Nezer Zaidenberg, Amir Averbuch and Evgeny Fraimovitch

Session 2: Wireless and Sensor Networks

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Floriano De Rango
Broadcast Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Networks Under Fading Channels
Jinsong Zhang and Xiaomin Ma
A Novel Strategy for Cognitive Radio Networks with Diversity and Non-Identical Fading Channels
Sattar Hussain and Xavier Fernando
Failure Impact on Coverage in Linear Wireless Sensor Networks
Nader Mohamed, Jameela Al-Jaroodi, Imad Jawhar, and Sanja Lazarova-Molnar

Session 3: Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Pere Vila
The Impact of Weights on the Performance of Server Load Balancing Systems
Jörg Zinke and Bettina Schnor
Performance analysis of a discrete-time queueing system with customer deadlines
Herwig Bruneel and Tom Maertens
Modelling and Analysis of the Survivability of Telecommunication Networks
Lang Xie, Yuming Jiang and Poul E. Heegaard
The Influence of the Buffer Size in Packet Loss for Competing Multimedia and Bursty Traffic
Luis Sequeira, Julián Fernández-Navajas, Jose Saldana, José Ruiz-Mas, Idelkys Quintana and Luis Casadesus

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Keynote Session II

Room: N/A
Keynote 2 (Plenary)
Keynote Speaker: Shikharesh Majumdar (Carleton Univ., Ottawa)

Session 4: Quality of Service Solutions and Algorithms

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Pere Vila
Performance Evaluation of Telecommunication Systems with Repeated Attempts and Two Servers Classes
Nawel Gharbi and Lynda Mokdad
Network-Controlled Cross-Layer Fast Handover for MIPv6 over IEEE 802.16m Networks
Youngsong Mun and Kyunghye Lee
Characterization of the Buffers in Real Internet Paths
Luis Sequeira, Julián Fernández-Navajas and Jose Saldana
Performance Evaluation of Scalable and Energy Efficient n-Epidemic Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
Floriano De Rango and Salvatore Amelio

Session 5: Network Optimization and Power Control

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Floriano De Rango
Power-aware load balancing in heterogeneous clusters
George Terzopoulos and Helen Karatza
Simulative Performance Comparison of Network Selection Algorithms in the Framework of the 802.21 Standard
Igor Bisio, Stefano Delucchi, Fabio Lavagetto and Mario Marchese
Decentralized Routing Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Network based on Multi-Objective Optimization
Carlos Lozano Garzon, Miguel Camelo, Pere Vila and Yezid Donoso

Session 6: Challenging Platforms and Applications

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Helen Karatza
Identity matching in Social Media Platforms
Reza Soltani and Abdolreza Abhari
Cloud Service Level Planning Under Burstiness
Anas Youssef and Diwakar Krishnamurthy
Performance Comparison of a Probabilistic Fingerprint-based Indoor Positioning System over Different Smartphones
Igor Bisio, Fabio Lavagetto, Mario Marchese and Andrea Sciarrone
Evaluation of TCP Versions over GEO Satellite Links
Mauro Tropea and Peppino Fazio

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Keynote Session III

Room: N/A
Keynote 3 (Plenary)
Keynote Speaker: Mhamed Itmi

Session 7: Communications Systems and Modulations

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Helen Karatza
Performance of Quadratic and Exponential Multiuser Chirp Spread Spectrum Communication Systems
Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Raveendra Rao and Xianbin Wang
Underlay Control Channel using Adaptive Hybrid Spread Spectrum Techniques for Dynamic Spectrum Access
Salvador Perez-Salgado, Enrique Rodriguez-Colina, Michael Pascoe-Chalke and Alfonso Prieto-Guerrero
Performance of Multiuser MIMO Communication System using Chirp Modulation
Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Raveendra Rao and Xianbin Wang
Decision Aided Detection and Performance of Continuous Phase Chirp Keying
Mohammed Zourob and Raveendra Rao

Session 8: Resource Control and Protocols

Room: N/A
Session Chair: Isaac Woungang
Extensible and Realistic Modeling of Resource Contention in Resource-Constrained Nodes
Torsten Meyer, Bernd E. Wolfinger, Stephan Heckmüller and Alireza Abdollahpouri
Dynamic Allocation of Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Hosting Multiple Applications
Navdeep Kapoor, Shikharesh Majumdar and Biswajit Nandy
Power Management in Multi-core Processors using Automatic Dynamic Pipeline Stage Unification
Saravanan Vijayalakshmi, Alagan Anpalagan, Isaac Woungang and D. P. Kothari